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Submitting a Paper                             


                          ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS

                                            (Deadline expired)

Abstracts should be submitted electronically in English as attached pdf files. Please see sample below for correct format. You are invited to submit an abstract for a paper or poster presentation, which will address the conference aims and themes. The time allocated for paper presentations is 15 minutes, with additional 5 minutes for questions from the floor at the end of the presentation.

Abstract Format

Abstracts must fit on a single 210 x 297mm ( 8.27"x11.69") [A4] page, using 25,4mm ( 1") margins all around.

The abstract title should be written entirely in bold face capital letters (14-point Times New Roman font). Center text.

Next line: Leave blank.

The next lines should include the author(s), affiliations, and postal and e-mail addresses. Center text. Use 12-point Times New Roman font. The name of the intended speaker should be underlined. Affiliations and addresses: use italic letters.

Next line: Leave blank.

Next line: Begin abstract text. Authors are urged to fill the remainder of the page using single-spaced lines (12-point Times New Roman font) to provide the maximum information for conference participants. The abstract should end with references (see sample abstract, below). Text should be justified on both sides.

The abstracts should be carefully prepared because they will be photocopied without editing. Figures (drawings and photographs) may be included, but colour figures will be reproduced as black-and-white in the abstract book.

The required form of submission is an electronic file in PDF format. This is Adobe's "Portable Document Format" and will allow your document to print as you created it. You can easily upload your abstract file and submit on-line through our website. Please click below to submit your abstract.

The file name should consist of the presenting author's last name, followed by his/her initials and the number of the abstract. For example, if Constantinos E. Kyprios submitted a total of three abstracts, the file name of his/her second abstract would be KypriosCE2.pdf.

Do not send files that are not PDF. We cannot guarantee that we can print or even view them.

Deadline for abstract submission: 14 December 2007.

Abstracts for poster presentation to be sent by email as attachment to:


Abstracts for oral presentation to be sent by email as attachment to:


Note: In case you face a problem to submit your abstract, you may use the following email address as an alternative or for contacting us:

Sample Abstract:




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